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GK Design Center, Inc. is a design showroom centrally located in Coral Gables, Florida that specializes in window treatments. For 15 years we have helped many clients and designers with their residential and commercial design needs. You can visit our showroom and browse our extensive collection of wallpaper, window treatment options, carpet displays, and fabric samples to gain inspiration.

​Gabriela and Karen help every client achieve the look they envision. Check out our Services page to learn more about what we do. You can have peace of mind as we take care of every detail inside and outside your home or business.

Please Contact Us with any questions, or to schedule your FREE in-home design consultation.

Gabriela Blasini

"One of my favorite areas to work on is Window Treatments. We specialize in this area. Our clients are always satisfied with their final product."

Karen Bolea

"One of our greatest strengths is that we truly listen to our clients and we provide the exact level of support and guidance they need." 

​◦  Quality  ◦  Dedication  ◦  Value  ◦  Service  ◦  Experience  ◦  Passion  ◦​​

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